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Author Topic: You also can Make Thousands of $$$ Online?  (Read 60 times)


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« on: June 11, 2009, 11:42:21 AM »


You might be interested also to know
about this amazing company called TeamWork Revolution.

It's also great income opportunity and It is more of a teamwork
marketing. For those who are looking for an online income or business opportunity you may try this one, you will earn more from it.

Get 5 people and this system PAYS FOR ITSELF!
Get 5 people and teach those 5 to get 5 and you'll make $35,000+ per MONTH in no time!

Just Launched!! Teamwork Revolution, is a brand new mlm company founded by James Al-Oboudi and his team of marketers. In this revolutionary new system everyone has the equal opportunity to earn over $35,000 a month, every month for the rest of their lives!

The sooner you get in the more likely it is for you to make money! The best part is this system just launched! TeamWork Revolution is launching April 1st 2009 Right after the launch.

How The Matrix Works:

Level 1 $2 per person x 5 people = $10
Level 2 $1 per person x 25 people = $25
Level 3 $1 per person x 125 people = $125
Level 4 $1 per person x 625 people = $625
Level 5 $1 person x 3,125 people = $3,125
Level 6 $2 per person x 15,625 people = $31,250

Full Matrix = $35,160

Other Benefits:
*SPILLOVERS from your Upline since your upline can only have 5direct referrals
*FREE ROTATOR for new sign-ups to  members referral link
*Plus Professional Quality web hosting service and more.
*Support from your teammates, since the company is all about TeamWork.

If you have question about TWR, don't hesitate to ask me.
Just visit the link  below and watch the video to know more about TWR.

For more information about TWR just visit this link:

of TeamWork Revolution and Fox Team
"Where no one is left behind"

TeamWork Revolution
"Where no one is left behind."
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