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August 09, 2011, 11:44:34 AM *
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 on: August 04, 2011, 08:24:01 PM 
Started by amust2407 - Last post by Common_Sense
Learn "Asset Allocation".

But... If you're young, sticking with 100% stocks is not a bad idea (if you can handle the roller coaster).
I did this for 30+ years.  I suffered through losses of 25%-40% a few times. I was always dollar cost averaging in.  It worked out great!

The experts can't time the markets.... if friends did it successfully...... believe me when I tell you... they really didn't.... or they were incredibly lucky.  It's never that simple.... If it was... we'd all be rich.

On a couple of occasions I got out when the news & the market was really scary.  Big mistake.  You'll never know when to get back in.... and you'll sometimes get out at the exact moment before it goes back up.  Staying through the bad times allows you to always get the gains on the upside.  I did very well by doing this.

 on: August 04, 2011, 08:19:21 PM 
Started by Linda1000 - Last post by I_need_a_vacation_
It's hard when you can't buy the things you want. You just have to come to that realization that you must do WITHOUT until you earn a decent amount of income. It's hard that's for sure. For some it may not be as difficult, for example those who are born rich. They are set because they never have to actually work that hard for what they have - because they already have it. Some of us, myself included, were dealt a bad hand. I was born into poverty. I lived with an extremely dysfunctional family. I never had a dad, my mother kicked me out my home at the age of 16. Made bad decisions because I didn't get lucky enough to have good parenting. I got pregnant at age 19. I have come a long way since I was 19. Having a child changed me for the better. At least my children's father is there for me and our kids. I have had to learn about life the hard way through good ol' fashioned experience. I didn't have a loving mother to encourage and help me. I'm 26 now and I realize that I want to go to college and get a better career so I can give my kids the life I never had. I can't afford to buy the things I want right now, but I know what I need to do to get to that point. And to those people who tell you that money doesn't buy happiness have never had to put bills before groceries. It may not buy me actual happiness, but it will buy food, a roof to sleep under, and clothes.

That said, how I deal without things that I want is not too difficult for me because I've been doing it all my life. Just deal with it. Not like dwelling on it is going to change it. I don't make a "schedule", but I do budget. I only allow myself to spend money on necessities. Also, don't live BEYOND your means. Just asking for trouble if you do. Things I want really bad are just financial freedom. Not having to worry about having enough gas to get from point A to point B, not having to worry about not having enough to pay the bills, not having to worry about having enough money to feed my family. Financial freedom.

 on: August 04, 2011, 08:08:17 PM 
Started by Alex_Sower - Last post by drmark27
No.  You total up the gains/losses from trades under one year--these qualify as short-term capital gains (losses).  You then total up the gains/losses from trades over one year--these qualify as long-term capital gains (losses).

 on: August 04, 2011, 07:58:54 PM 
Started by amust2407 - Last post by mikefango
get out of the stock market now sell everything i did last thursday and saved myself thousands its going to go way down get out an wait a couple of months here comes another 2008 **** does not look good and the double dip is here get out if you dont want to loose more i say sell these other people dont know anything im 23 and made thousands in 2008 by getting out of the market it is not the same anymore with the technology and computers make it easy for people to make money an a daily basis old people are stuck in there own old ways and dont realize its a job and just stay in the next thing you will know is youve lost everything these stocks will fall no mater what just remember 2008 everything went down stick to your gut i say get out i went to school for this

 on: August 04, 2011, 07:53:40 PM 
Started by amust2407 - Last post by Crystal
For example, for the past 8 days on the stock market, the Dow has been down by 857.79 points, due to a large part of uncertainty in Congress.  The following Bond ETF’s have been a safe haven during today’s 265.87 points stock market plunge, and also silver and gold have doing well.

 on: August 04, 2011, 07:48:23 PM 
Started by BeckerBabe - Last post by Eyara_JK
Try having bake sales or car washes. Mow lawns or walk dogs. Make pot holders and sell them or make lemonade and sell that. the sky's the limit!

PLEASE answer my questions!!!!! They're on my profile.

 on: August 04, 2011, 07:43:37 PM 
Started by Jonathan - Last post by Paul_Strachan
Hi there,
A lot of people will tell you there is no way to make money online and that and you should go out and get a job. My friends and even family used to laugh at me when I said im going to make a full time income online one day which only made me more determined. Its now 2 years later and I average about $150 a day online.

It's not easy and most people do get scammed out of something along the line but then automatically think everything thats out there is a scam but the important thing to remember is to never give up because one day it ill be worth it no matter how long it takes.

A great place to start is at PP because it's totally free to join and will never cost you to take part in. The offer amazing proven pay outs, the work is rather easy and its a great place if you are a beginner,

I would check it out
(Copy and past code)

 on: August 04, 2011, 07:38:39 PM 
Started by Jonathan - Last post by guy
Nothing is really easy not even online. And making money online is definitely often associated with the word scam. We have to be careful even talking about it...always be aware of the guidelines that are set.

There is obviously some people who are doing business online, I'm thinking about sites like Ebay, Amazon, to name only those two...but

Though I think it is possible...I don't think it's really easy. It can demand a lot of time and work

 on: August 04, 2011, 07:32:45 PM 
Started by Jonathan - Last post by Ask_WhyNot__
There are lots and lots of ways to make money online.  But, they either do not pay a lot or are a lot of work.  And most don't pay quickly.  Anything that promises to pay you a lot of money, fast, and or for next to no work, are most likely illegal (or skirting the line) or a complete scam.  There are more scams than real opportunities, so you do need to be careful.

But, for easy ways to earn money (not fast and not a fortune) see

A slower approach, but definitely much more profitable (if you're good) is to write online.  Some people make only a few hundred a year, but some make several thousand a month.  It's worth doing if you are willing to put in the time and money.  See and

 on: August 04, 2011, 07:24:53 PM 
Started by Jaleesa - Last post by Jay_S
Everyone goes through this in the beginning.  Banks have differing requirements for what history they want to see.   I got my parents to cosign on a one year $1,000 personal loan (not a card) and I used maybe $200 of it, kept the rest aside and used it to help make monthly payments.  Once paid off, I easily got my first card on my own.  You might find a credit union or community bank will even make a small loan like this to you without a cosigner.  If you do have someone that is afraid to do this, you can offer to take the funds from the loan, we're talking $1000 or something small, and let them hold on to all of the money and release it month to month so you can use it to make the payments.  That way, they are protected because they have the money.
If you have noone to help you with that, try Orchard Banks secured card.  Read about that at their site.
If you're a student, some banks have college affiliations that will grant you cards when you prove you are enrolled.

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