If you want to save your money for fun things than for accommodation then the Beach and Cave Cabanas is the place for you

Caramoan had been known to be the Philippines’ secret paradise. Philippines have gained tourism popularity to its Caramoan Peninsula. The peninsula of Caramoan Peninsula is hilly and its terrain is a bit rocky. Not too many people have already learned or heard about Caramoan. Caramoan is just near Boracay and many people insist of going to Boracay instead. Caramoan is a great paradise especially for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and quiet vacation. When the French version of the TV show Survivor started shooting in Caramoan Resorts, it started to gain attention. Survivor hit TV show of Israel was also shot here in Caramoan. Caramoan Islands became quite popular lately for shooting of TV shows and the likes because of its great beauty. Caramoan Islands is viewed to be a wild paradise and is also virtually untouched. The white sandy beaches in Caramoan Islands are really special that you must visit. Caramoan Islands are not just for beach lovers as they also boast of their limestone cliffs. Boats used to go around Caramoan Islands have outboard motors and are pretty small. To begin your island hopping experience you must first be in Paniman.

Don’t forget to visit Gota beach in Caramoan as it’s the most popular. The French Survivor had its setting on the Gota beach. There are public transports that can get you to Gota beach from the Caramoan town. When you want to go to Caramoan but you’re in a budget, don’t worry as Beach and Cave Cabanas hostel is reasonably priced. Some islands of Caramoan allows beach camping for tourists who don’t want to stay in hotels. Wear warm clothing when camping at Caramoan beaches as nights can be remarkably chilly. caramoan is a wonderful spot however, you must take note that it takes time and energy to arrive at this particular paradise. From Sabang you can take a boat going to the port of Guijalo and the boat ride can be as long as 3 hours. Caramoan’s island hopping starts in Paniman and ends in Bikal. The boat schedule is not always being followed because the boat only leaves to Caramoan when it’s full. If you are planning to go to the Philippines don’t forget to put Caramoan in your itinerary. Go and visit the Caramoan Islands before it gets crowded by tourists.

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