Ammonia is toxic but is finally changed to nitrite which is what you would want to have for your fish tank

Having your own tank set up for tropical fish is a great start for owning your own pets. Tropical fish swimming in an aquarium is fun to watch not just for the owner but guests would also enjoy it. Taking care of your own fish is an easy thing to do and you’ll learn just how simple it is to keep them alive. There is a proper way to take care of your aquarium and you must learn how it’s done so you don’t spend a lot of money doing so and exerting a lot of effort. Fish tank set up can be a bit hard but once it is done properly your fish will surely thrive and be happy living in it. Fish eat and they also need to get rid of their body waste and they do this all inside the fish tank or bowl. The wastes inside the aquarium in just a few hours will turn into toxic ammonia. Fish owners know that when their fish tank has high concentration of ammonia this can kill the fish. Executing the nitrogen cycle correctly is the thing that helps keep your fish survive thus before getting your current fish, learn this first. Excretion of fish increases the level of ammonia inside the aquarium and this leads to death of fish. Nitrogen cycle steps done by nature are converting the ammonia naturally into nitrates so the fish thrives well. Nitrite is the final conversion of ammonia and this is what is desired for aquariums. Nitrogen level test kit is the best way to monitor the accurate concentration on your fish tank to make sure that you get it right.

An accurate detection of ammonia levels is important therefore buying the right test kits is essential. By partially changing the water you can be able to control the levels of ammonia and also by manipulation of the nitrogen cycle. It can be time consuming to control the levels of nitrogen so you need to be patient for this to be effective. Nitrogen cycling to be properly executed can take 2 weeks to even 2 months. It’s possible not to use any fish to start with its nitrogen cycle in the fish tank. Foods in the water inside the fish tank will decompose and the decomposition is releasing ammonia. Periodically one must check the levels of nitrate in the water and to change the water partially with clean water. The good bacteria in the water are killed when chlorinated water is added directly to the freshwater fish tank; it must first be treated before adding. Before adding your tap water to your aquarium, make sure you aerate it first in a bucket for several hours. If you add antibiotics to your fish tank, it will not just kill the bad bacteria but also the beneficial ones. To use antibiotics for the infected fish, take them out first and put them in a different fish tank. Keeping your fish alive in your tank for a long time requires that you properly manage it. Do not feed your fish too much as this will make the water poisonous. If the aquarium water looks cloudy, then it’s time that you change the water in your tank.

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