Water aeration is a process that is necessary in order to make the tap water safe to be added to the aquarium

An aquarium full of fish is a fun way to experience taking care of your own pets. Fish watching is fun and a very interesting experience so you can share that experience with your guests who’d want to watch them swim around inside the tank. Your fish tank and the fish in it need to be taken cared of and this is a very simple thing to learn. If you don’t want to waste your money and all your efforts in managing your own aquarium then you must learn how to do it properly. If you want to keep your fish alive in your own fish tank then you must set it up properly, this is a bit harder than you may have expected it to be. Fish will be excreting inside the fish bowl or aquarium they live in. In just a short time the manure produced by the fish inside the tank will turn into ammonia that can be toxic to them. Aquarium fishes are in danger every time ammonia is being produced in the tank. The Nitrogen cycle is really important to be effectively accomplished just before you start adding fish inside your water tank. A lot of fish dies when the ammonia level rises as they excrete in the tank. Mother Nature naturally converts the ammonia into nitrates in the nitrogen cycle steps thus tropical fish thrive. The ammonia is eventually converted to nitrites which is the desirable end product for the fish tank. A test kit for aquarium is the best way to monitor the level of nitrogen as accurately as possible for your aquarium.

It’s very important for an aquarium owner to buy the right test kits for their detection of ammonia to be accurate. Nitrogen cycle manipulation and by partially changing the water in the tank with clean water will help in controlling the levels of nitrogen. The nitrogen level of the water can be controlled but if you want this to be effective you need to be patient as this takes some time. The duration of the nitrogen cycle in the tank can last between two weeks to two months. A tank without any fish living in it can already be used to start the process for nitrogen cycle. Foods put inside the aquarium will decompose and the decomposition releases the ammonia. To control the nitrate levels in the water one must test it periodically and change a portion of the water with clean water. Freshwater fish tanks should not be directly added with chlorinated water as the chlorine chemical can kill some bacteria that are beneficial for the fish. Tap water must first be aerated for hours before you add it to your fish tank. Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria once added in your aquarium. The best way to treat fishes with infection is to separate them and use the antibiotics there. A good and properly cared for fish tank will be a great place for fishes as they are going to live long. Over feeding your fish will kill it as it is going to poison and contaminate the water. Changing the water in your aquarium is needed when you notice the water is no longer clear but cloudy.

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