Keeping your fish alive in your tank for a long time requires that you properly manage it

It’s a great experience to be a pet owner by starting with having your own aquarium. It is fun and interesting to watch the fish in a tank swim around so you and your guests can truly enjoy the experience. It’s very easy and simple to take care of different kinds of fish in your tank as long as you learn how first. There is a proper way of managing your own fish tank and you must learn this if you don’t want to end up wasting your energy and money. In order to keep your fish alive, you must set up the aquarium properly and it’s not as easy as you may think. Your fish will be using the aquarium or the fish bowl as their own toilet as well. The excretion produced by the fish would be turned into ammonia that is toxic in just a few hours. It is obvious that it is dangerous for fish to have high concentration of ammonia in the tank. Before you get to enjoy getting your fish within your container, be sure you learn about nitrogen cycle and execute it perfectly. The ammonia level of the fish tank raises as the fish excretes in the water and when it gets high enough, a lot of fish will die. Fish in nature don’t suffer from high concentration of ammonia as it gets naturally converted to nitrates through the nitrogen cycle steps. An aquarium finds an advantage of having nitrites in it and this is the end product of conversion from the toxic ammonia. An aquarium nitrogen test kit is the best way to accurately detect the level of nitrogen and it’s best to buy one for your own aquarium.

An aquarium can greatly benefit if you buy an accurate test kit to detect the ammonia level in the aquarium. You can manipulate the nitrogen cycle and also change the water partially with fresh water to control the levels of nitrogen. To be effective in controlling the levels of nitrogen in the water you need to have enough time and patience. It takes 2 weeks to 2 months to properly cycle the nitrogen in the water. Even without fish you can already start the process for nitrogen cycle in your fish tank. Decomposition of food in the fish tank leads to the ammonia release. Clean water must be used to replace some amount of the water in the aquarium and nitrate levels should be tested periodically. In order not to affect the good bacteria in the water in your fish tank, make sure not to replace the water with chlorinated water without it being processed first. Aerating the tap water first for a few hours is necessary before you pour it in your aquarium. If you add antibiotics to the water of your fish tank, remember that it also kills the beneficial kinds of bacteria. An infected fish can be treated with antibiotics but make sure you get the fish first and treat it on a different aquarium. A healthy and well managed aquarium will keep the fish living happily for quite some time. Do not put too much fish food in your tank as this could poison all your fish. Cloudy water in your aquarium indicates that it’s the time to change it already.

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