Going to Guijalo Port from Sabang takes between 2 to 3 hours by boat

The Philippines’ secret paradise is called as Caramoan. Caramoan Peninsula became a popular tourist spot in the country. The Caramoan Peninsula is filled with small to big hills and its terrain is quite rocky. People who are not into traveling to exotic places may not have heard about Caramoan yet. Many tourists prefer to go to Boracay which is quite near to Caramoan. Caramoan is a perfect place to enjoy paradise without sharing it with a huge crowd of tourists. It was just some years ago when Caramoan Resorts became the venue for the hit TV show Survivor in France that it got known all over the world. The Survivor TV show of Israel was also shot in Caramoan. Caramoan Islands are quite popular as a shooting location because its beauty is natural. Caramoan Islands are almost virtually untouched and is a great and wild paradise. The crystal clear waters and the beautiful white sand beaches of Caramoan Islands are spectacular. Tourists visiting Caramoan Islands are not just captivated by their beaches but also their limestone cliffs. Outboard motor powered small boats are the only boats you can ride on around Caramoan Islands. To start island hopping, you first have to be in Paniman.

Caramoan’s most popular white sandy beach is Gota beach. Gota beach was the shoot location for the French Survivor. There are public transports that will get you from Caramoan to the Gota beach. If you want to save your money for fun things than for accommodation then the Beach and Cave Cabanas is the place for you. There are Caramoan islands that also allow campers to camp out at the beach. Caramoan beach camping is a great experience but make sure you are clothed right for chilly nights. Caramoan is absolutely not an easy place to arrive at and it demands a great deal of time to get there. A 2-3 hour boat ride is what it takes to reach Guijalo Port from Sabang. Paniman is the first place for the island hopping and the last is Bikal. Make sure you take note that the boat to Caramoan has a schedule but it leaves once it has enough passengers. When you do visit the Philippines don’t miss out on the chance to visit Caramoan. Don’t wait ’til Caramoan becomes very popular before you visit.

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