It takes 2 weeks to 2 months to properly cycle the nitrogen in the water

It’s a great experience to be a pet owner by starting with having your own aquarium. Having your own fish tank full of tropical fish is fun to watch and you won’t just be the only one who’d be entertained, guests will too. It’s very easy and simple to take care of different kinds of fish in your tank as long as you learn how first. Money and effort are essential so when you plan on having your own aquarium you must learn how to manage it properly. In order to keep your fish alive, you must set up the aquarium properly and it’s not as easy as you may think. Your fish will be using the aquarium or the fish bowl as their own toilet as well. Fish manure inside the aquarium will degrade into toxic ammonia in just several hours. Ammonia is a known toxin for fishes and it can kill them. Well before you obtain the actual fish for your own aquarium you should properly accomplish what is called as the Nitrogen cycle. The ammonia level of the fish tank raises as the fish excretes in the water and when it gets high enough, a lot of fish will die. The nitrogen cycle steps done by nature naturally convert the ammonia into nitrates thus the fish thrives. Ammonia is toxic but is finally changed to nitrite which is what you would want to have for your fish tank. It is best to buy an aquarium nitrogen monitoring test kit for an accurate detection of the nitrogen in the water.

An aquarium can greatly benefit if you buy an accurate test kit to detect the ammonia level in the aquarium. To keep your water nitrogen levels low, you can manipulate the nitrogen cycle or change part of the water yourself. To be effective in controlling the levels of nitrogen in the water you need to have enough time and patience. Nitrogen in the water is properly cycled after 2 weeks to about 2 months. A fish tank without fish can already be processed for nitrogen cycle as this is already possible. Decomposition of food in the fish tank leads to the ammonia release. Regularly test the water for its nitrate levels and change a part of the water with clean water. To avoid killing the bacteria in the water that are beneficial to the fish, make sure you don’t directly add water that has been chlorinated. Water aeration is a process that is necessary in order to make the tap water safe to be added to the aquarium. If you add antibiotics to the water of your fish tank, remember that it also kills the beneficial kinds of bacteria. Separate the infected fish from all the healthy fish and place it on a different tank and there you can add the antibiotics for treatment. A good and well taken cared of fish tank will keep your fish alive for its life span. Do not put too much fish food in your tank as this could poison all your fish. If the water in your aquarium is looking a bit cloudy then you must change the water.

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