Make sure not to cover your sauce while cooking it in the microwave

When you’re cooking, you must not forget that the main key to making the food taste good is in the spices and the sauces. For most cooks cooking at home they find it hard to make delicious sauce for their dishes. Even with some horrible mistakes in your cooking if you add a great sauce then it won’t be so bad. If you cooked your chicken badly just cover it up with a great sauce. Bad sauce makes a bad meal no matter how great the meat was cooked. With great sauces, your success in your dish will be even highlighted so you’d seem like a genius cook. Sauces or gravies need 3 very important ingredients: thickener, liquid base and flavorings. Most delicious sauces have granulated sugar in its top ingredients. For foods that lack some flavor, adding granulated sugar on the sauce will be great in adding sweetness to the food. Don’t add too much granulated sugar on your sauces when you are serving it to a diabetic or someone on a diet. Some also prefer adding hot peppers or hot sauce for their meals to add to its flavor. It’s not safe to cover your sauce when you cook it in a microwave oven. These Aphrodisiac Foods that are added to the sauce gives it an unique flavor. One type of sauce that has Aphrodisiac Foods derivative is the Avocado sauce.

Many are familiar with the oyster sauce and this type of sauce is also an aphrodisiac foods sauce. Vegetable curry is a very yummy veggie dish that’s easy and quick to cook. The body requires nutrients to operate effectively and Vegetable curry is recognized to pack many of these nutrients. Vegetable curry is really delicious and nutritious and it cooks quite fast too. Vegetarian should try the delicious recipe of the Indian version of the vegetable curry. Caster sugar and water mixture can be turned into caramel sauce by heating it in low to medium heat up to the time that all the sugar had melted. For the best quality and delicious caramel sauce, don’t buy one instead make one. Caramel sauce is really a great condiment to have in your home. Mushroom sauce is an excellent sauce for almost anything but it’s perfect for tender fillets. Mushroom sauce is simply a sauce with the main ingredient being mushrooms. It’s really delicious to add mushroom sauce with pasta or having poultry served with mushroom sauce. The shiitake mushrooms for the vegetarian version of the stir fry sauce adds a great and unique taste. Stir fry sauce can also use different varieties of mushrooms to give it an unique texture and flavor. The black bean sauce is the main foundation for the stir fry sauce and you must add about 2 tbsp of it.

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