Caramoan is sometimes neglected by tourists who prefer to go to nearby Boracay

Caramoan is the country’s well known secret paradise. Recent years had seen the growth in popularity of the Caramoan Peninsula. It can be hard driving around the Caramoan Peninsula because of its terrain plus this peninsula is filled with hills. Not a lot of people have heard or know where Caramoan really is. A lot of tourists go to Boracay instead of Caramoan which is just nearby. If you are in search of a paradise you can enjoy without too much crowd sharing it then Caramoan is the place. Caramoan Resorts became popular only recently when it became the venue for the French Survivor show. The location for Israel’s Survivor hit TV show was also Caramoan. Caramoan Islands became a shooting location as its natural beauty is really spectacular. One thing that Caramoan Islands are known for is that it’s an untouched wild paradise. You’d surely have a special time in Caramoan Islands with their crystal clear water and white sands. Caramoan Islands are surrounded with limestone cliffs apart from their beautiful white sand and crystal clear water. Small boats that are powered with outboard motors are the Caramoan Islands’ mode of transportation. Paniman is where the island hopping experience begins.

Gota is the name of the most popular Caramoan beach. The location chosen for the French Survivor was Gota beach. With public transportation you can reach Gota beach from Caramoan town. Beach and Cave Cabanas hostel in Caramoan is perfect for the budget watcher tourists to stay in. Ask for which islands in Caramoan that allows camping on the beach. The nights can get chilly in Caramoan beaches so make sure you wear warm clothing when camping out. It truly is not effortless to reach caramoan but the destination is definitely worth the effort. Going from Sabang to the port of Guijalo will take 2 or 3 hours on a boat. For Caramoan’s island hopping, it starts from Paniman and it ends in Bikal. Caramoan boat has a schedule but you may wait awhile for it to leave port as it needs to be full of passengers. When you travel to the Philippines don’t forget that there’s a paradise island named Caramoan that you can visit. Go and enjoy the great paradise in Caramoan now before others would.

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