Precautions to Consider When Using the Melatonin Supplements

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Melatonin is also known as 5-methoxy-N-acetyltryptamine. This is a hormone that is found in all biological organisms. The level of melatonin inside an organism varies in a predefined cycle and is affected by the amount of light the body receives. Melatonin on humans is produced by the pineal gland from the amino acid Tryptophan. It helps the body know when it’s time to sleep or when it’s time to wake up. Melatonin is released at night or in the dark and sort of instructs the body that it is time to sleep.Young and middle-aged adults usually produce about 5 to 25 micrograms of melatonin per night. This level declines as a person ages and this is reported to be the reason why older persons have difficulty sleeping. Two forms of melatonin exist on the market, the natural form which comes from the pineal gland of animals and the synthetic form which is made from reacting certain chemical compounds. Natural melatonin may pose a risk to humans because it can be contaminated with animal viruses. Synthetic melatonin is safer to use because it is free from biological contaminants. Due to the potential melatonin side effects as well as interactions with other medications, those who want to use the melatonin for sleep supplements must be under the supervision of an experienced health care provider. Some people have claimed that they experience vivid dreams or nightmares upon taking melatonin.

The intake of too much melatonin can disrupt the internal body clock of the body which is the circadian rhythm. If taken during the day, this may result to drowsiness. If a person becomes drowsy the next morning after taking melatonin, might as well try a lower melatonin dosage. Some other side effects are headache, decreased libido, irritability, stomach cramps and decreased sperm count. Women who are pregnant and lactating are not advised to use melatonin considering that it will hamper with fertility. Despite the fact that a lot of researchers think that levels of melatonin will reduce with age, newer evidence has questioned this theory. Individuals who are older than sixty five should consult with their doctors before using the supplements in order for the melatonin levels in the blood to be monitored.

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